How to Develop Self-Awareness and Build a Positive Mindset


Have you ever had a conversation with a guy who seems to be full of confidence and self-assuredness? It feels like he has everything in control and he knows exactly what he wants. He can easily get anyone’s attention and makes sure that people listen to him.

But when it comes to women, the situation is completely different. Women usually feel inferior because they can’t get the attention or trust of men. They have to face all kinds of situations which are not at all the best.

When you are a woman, you will have to deal with the things like dating, flirting, and even talking to strangers. So, it is very important to understand that a woman is different from a man.

There are certain differences which you need to know to avoid any awkward situations in life. Here are some of the things you need to know:


When you are going to date a man or any person for the first time, then you need to know the following points:

Take a selfie:

Take your phone and click the ‘selfie’ option. Do you notice the difference? If you do, then it means that you are a woman. Your entire focus will be on yourself and no one else will be able to attract you.

8 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Self-consciousness

Self-consciousness is a kind of mental condition in which a person is conscious of himself/herself and his/her appearance. Many people suffer from this self-consciousness condition, whether it’s because of their age, body shape, or the way they are dressed.

People get uncomfortable when they meet someone for the first time. If we look at the life of everyone we see people who suffer from self-consciousness. People try to be confident in every situation and show their best, but not all of them can avoid self-consciousness.

Everyone has experienced self-consciousness on one or another occasion. If you want to get rid of it, then here is the right solution for you.

Try to be positive

No matter how big or small the incident is, you should try to be positive as you can. When you have negative thoughts, you lose confidence in yourself. Try to change the bad habit of thinking negatively towards yourself.

Don’t compare yourself with others

It is really difficult for us to make our friends and families proud, but there will be some people who will make you ashamed. If you try to compare your appearance with others, then it will lead to embarrassment. Never do this, as it will spoil your mood.

Get a good night’s sleep

You will feel very relaxed if you get good sleep. A good night’s sleep will help you to get rid of self-consciousness. It will also make your personality look more confident. Sleep early to get a sound sleep.

Change your style

If your appearance does not match with your personality, then change your style. If you want to change your style, then start doing it slowly. Don’t do anything rashly. Change your hairstyle, clothes, makeup, everything. You will get used to your new style and will no longer feel embarrassed.

Find an activity that you enjoy

Some people suffer from self-consciousness because of their body shape or the way they dress. When you don’t like any of these things, then you will feel uncomfortable. The way you dress is a big problem, but you can find something that you like doing. Do it. Find an activity that you enjoy and keep on doing that. You will be able to forget about your self-consciousness.

Avoid staring at your own face

Staring at your own face will make you feel self-conscious. If you stare at your mirror all the time then you are bound to feel embarrassed.


I hope you liked the ways to get rid of self-consciousness. If you want to get rid of it, then follow the suggestions I gave.


When you are meeting someone for the first time and you are feeling embarrassed about something that you are not comfortable with, then you are a man. You will be full of confidence and your self-consciousness will not matter.

Women are a little bit shy and they don’t like to talk much about themselves. If you are meeting someone for the first time then your attention will be on the other person.


Flirting is quite easy for men because they are full of confidence and self-assuredness. However, a woman will definitely be uncomfortable while flirting.

A woman needs to make herself attractive. She has to do something to attract a man’s attention. There are various things like wearing sexy clothes, makeup, and nail polish. If you notice the difference, then you are a man.

Talks with strangers:

It is very difficult for a woman to make small talk with strangers or someone whom she has never met before.

If you are a girl, then you need to learn how to have a conversation with a man. It is easy for a man to have a conversation with a stranger, but if you are a girl then it will be a big challenge.

It will be a great experience if you talk to a man and know how he is feeling about a topic. However, you need to be cautious when it comes to men.


A woman is different from a man and they have different needs and thoughts. So, when it comes to dating, flirting, or talking to strangers, there will be a huge difference between a man and a woman. You will know the difference by taking a closer look at these 5 things.

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