How to Use Personal Growth to Enhance Your Relationships

Relationship is something that keeps you happy and it will be much better if you are in a strong relationship. As it seems, there are so many couples today who are unable to maintain a strong and close relationship. And that is where, personal growth plays a major role in enhancing your relationships.

We all know that how our minds change the way we behave. So, we should be more careful about our behaviors while working on improving our relationships.

Relationship means a couple. If you have a partner in life then your relationships will change for the better.

7 Secrets of A Healthy and Successful Relationship

The first step is to understand the value of a relationship. The reason why I am emphasizing on the first step is because the relationship does not begin with any pre-requisite conditions. There is no such prerequisite and the only things that we require is a mutual desire and a willingness to live and learn together.

Now, let’s talk about the main reason why the relationships fail:

1. Too much responsibility and stress on relationship

2. Failure to respect each other

3. Not trusting each other

4. Ignoring the basic rules of communication

5. Having different expectations

6. Being selfish

7. Not understanding the feeling of a partner

Let’s understand each of these points in detail and then we can understand the reason of the failures.

Too much responsibility and stress on relationship

If a relationship is not balanced, then it will never work well. If you feel that your partner is too responsible on you, then you will lose interest on him/her and will become uninterested in spending time with him/her. This will result in the separation of two lives. So, if you don’t understand each other and if you want to have a happy and a loving relationship, then firstly you should talk to each other and find out what is the problem and how you can solve it.

Failure to respect each other

If you don’t have a good attitude towards your partner, then it will be very difficult for him/her to trust you. If your partner trusts you then he/she will start respecting you. Respect and trust is the foundation of every relationship. If you don’t respect each other and you ignore each other, then it will be a big problem. So, it’s better that you don’t trust your partner at the initial stage and if he/she can trust you, then he/she will be more open for new things and more willing to try something new.

Not trusting each other

It is important for a relationship to trust each other and to have a bond with each other. It is not possible if you don’t trust each other. Trust is the first step towards a healthy relationship. If you are not trusting your partner, then you will have a problem to share your feelings and emotions with each other.

Ignoring the basic rules of communication

Communication plays an essential role in any kind of relationships and it is one of the best ways to connect with each other. This is because if you don’t communicate with your partner and with your parents, then you will not be able to understand each other and you will not be able to grow in your relationship.

Having different expectations

People in a relationship sometimes expect the same things from their partners. They don’t have a clear vision and they don’t have an idea about their partner. So, they will not be able to make the things work. But if you have a clear vision and if you expect the same from your partner, then you will be able to enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

Not understanding the feeling of a partner

You have to understand that your partner has feelings and emotions as well, but you will be able to understand and accept your partner only if you will show more compassion. If you can’t understand your partner then it will be a problem for you.

Being selfish

A selfish person will always have a problem in a relationship. In a relationship if you are selfish and you try to control your partner, then it is a problem for the relationship. And if you are being selfish towards your partner and you don’t try to listen to your partner, then it will be a problem for the relationship.

Not understanding the feeling of a partner


Take your time

The biggest mistake of the people that they will think of their partner as a source of problems. It is not correct, but most of the people fail to understand their own partners.

Take your time to understand your partner. It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. The only thing is that they will help you to get a clear idea about your partner. So, it is your duty to take your time and build a good relationship with your partner.


I think communication is the most important aspect of your relationship. But, when it comes to the conversation then people often forget to talk with their partners.

So, you need to make it a habit of talking to each other.

Make sure you will communicate with your partner about the things that are bothering them. When you will keep a good communication then your relationship will get better. So, just take your time to talk to your partner and fix the issues that are troubling you.

Don’t be jealous

The biggest enemy of the couples is jealousy. Jealousy is a negative emotion and the people who feel it badly are the most dangerous people in the relationship.

The people who are jealous and possessive will end up ruining their relationships. They don’t care what others do or think about their partner and they think about their partner.

There is no harm in having a strong relationship; the only thing is that you need to be happy and in a positive mood. You don’t need to follow any set rules or boundaries, but you should be yourself and feel happy to the core.


There is a saying, ‘It’s not how many people you love but how you make them feel loved.’

So, the more you will focus on improving your relationships, the more your relationship will become better.

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