The Future of Personal Blogging: Trends and Opportunities

Social media has become an integral part of our life, and it is the second most used tool after mobile phone. Even after the rise of digital and social media, blogging is still very popular. It is because blogging is so easy and simple that it can make anyone a great blogger.

We are living in the era of digital age. Today, more than 65% of the population use mobile phones and more than 60% of them use the internet. So, blogging will never go out of fashion and it is very much effective for the brands or the business house.

As a blogger, you are always on the lookout for the new trends in the online marketing industry, and if you follow a few blogs you can find about the upcoming technologies. I mean you can find out about the latest tools and tricks that will make your blogging process faster and easier.

It is not that you can get all the latest updates directly from the blogs, as they don’t mention the latest technology. But if you dig into the deep, you will find tons of information that can be very helpful for you.

Here is a list of the most common and upcoming trends in the online marketing industry. These trends are not just useful for the blog writers, but they will also help the marketers to improve their business strategies and it is the best thing to make you a pro at your job.


Best Voice Search Tips To Use In Android

Voice search has been one of the major developments of the digital age, we use it to find answers to different queries and also we rely on it to listen to the instructions from the voice assistant. The voice search feature works very similar to Google Now, Siri, Alexa etc., and you can easily use it without installing any app.

But how to know that your voice search is working correctly? How to improve the accuracy rate of your search? There are various voice search tips which will help you in using voice search effectively.

#1: Create a good voice pattern

The first step of any voice search is to create a proper voice pattern, which is used to identify your voice. Make sure you say your voice clearly and slowly. Also, ensure that your voice is not distorted by clicking your mic too much. If you have any background sound like rain, wind etc. then your voice will be affected.

#2: Use Google Voice Search

Google now has a voice search feature, which is Google Assistant. It is very easy to access and it uses your current location to recognize your voice. Your voice commands are processed by Google itself and it works faster than other voice search apps.

If you don’t like the result of your voice search, then you can type the words and send it to Google.

#3: Add voice as a contact method

Voice search is very useful when you are searching something and don’t have internet connection, but still you need to find the information quickly. In this case, you can add the search as a contact method. Just go to “contacts” and select the name of the person or service. Then, in a call, tap the “voice search” option to launch voice search and find your query.

#4: Turn on “OK Google” in the system settings

Go to Settings > System > Apps > All and then click on the Google app.

Tap Google Now, and then turn on the switch next to “OK Google” to start getting answers using your voice.

If you have a lot of third-party apps installed, then this feature won’t be available in the system settings. You can enable it manually for each app.


These are the tips which will help you to perform a perfect voice search. It will help you to find the answers faster and make the voice assistant work efficiently. So, keep in mind these tips and make your voice search experience more convenient.


Voice search is the biggest trend of 2016. The voice search is a process that makes the human speech sound like a search bar. People are always looking for the quickest and simplest method to get the desired result.

The voice search is becoming a new habit for people, and as a result of this the Google has created a voice assistant Google Assistant. If you don’t know what the Google Assistant is, it is a virtual assistant of Google which can perform several tasks.

2. Smartphones

The smartphones are the most common tools of the people, and there are more than 8 billion smartphones in the world. These devices are not only useful for taking selfies, but it is also a necessity of the modern lifestyle.

The smartphone can help you in a number of things, including making calls, listening to music, sending SMS/MMS, reading news and magazines, etc.

3. Ecommerce

There are more than 200 million eCommerce websites on the internet. As the internet has become the second most important platform for the people, ecommerce is the only way that will take the businesses to the next level.

Ecommerce is one of the best ways to get customers, and the more the sales the better. There are many other platforms where you can sell the products such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Shopify and others.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the world of the technology, and it is one of the fastest growing technologies of this time. It is the process of creating computer programs that think and behave like human beings.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the machine will be able to perform the activities that are impossible to do by humans. It can understand the instructions and then will follow the instructions automatically.

5. Voice Search

Voice search is not the only new trend of this year. It is the latest addition to the old trends of the web marketing industry. It is a way to make your searches quick and easy.

It is a way of speaking, and it can be done by talking. If you say the keywords like, ‘best blogs about blogging,’ it will list the best blogs that are available on the internet.


If you want to make your blogging journey successful then it is recommended to stay updated with the latest trends in the online marketing industry. The best way

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