The Top 5 Myths About Motivational Quotes

In our daily life, when we come across motivational quotes, we don’t really realize the fact that those quotes actually change the way of thinking of that person who reads that quote. There are certain motivational quotes which change the thoughts of people who read them and inspire them towards achieving their dreams.

Here we are going to discuss the top five myths about motivational quotes which actually have become a huge burden to people who are looking for some motivational quotes.

Myth No. 1: You Need a Powerful Motivational Speaker for Success

Yes, you need a motivational speaker for success but not the kind of a motivational speaker who makes your heart stop beating. That’s not what I mean.

A motivational speaker is one who can inspire you and keep you motivated. You can even get his motivational videos on Youtube or any website. He doesn’t have to be a famous personality, he just needs to be a speaker who has the ability to motivate others.


There are plenty of quotes but not all of them can be categorized under the ‘best motivational quotes’ list. A quote can be motivational only when it is true to life. When a person takes up that quote, it becomes the motivation to live in his/her life.

Myth No. 2:

How Does A Famous Actor/Actress Quote Makes Us Feel Happy?

We all know that most of the celebrities have the ability to inspire us in so many ways. They can even become inspiration for the common people and show them the way. There is nothing more exciting than seeing their quotes and getting inspired to work hard in life.

Here are some of the famous personalities that have inspired me in my entire life:

Shahrukh Khan:

A very famous and popular actor of Bollywood Shahrukh khan is the one who gave me a lot of motivation to work hard and to fulfill my dream. He has become my inspiration, and I would always listen to his inspirational quotes.

Shahrukh Khan said, “You are never too old to be what you might have been.” These words are really motivating and they make me feel happy, and they motivate me to work hard towards achieving my goal and to become what I dreamt of.

“To dream, is to die once, to awaken is to live forever.” -Gautama Buddha

This quote is from Buddha and it has inspired me in my entire life to live my dreams. I have never thought that I could get success in my life if I try hard and if I believe in myself. It is the happiest thing to have faith in yourself.

“In the morning of life, what does the most important thing? If you say ‘Work,’ you will be mistaken. If you say ‘Love,’ you will be disappointed. But if you say ‘Try to be happy,’ you are right.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

I remember a very important time when I was working at a bank, I used to think that working for a huge corporation like this is not easy and it will be a difficult task for me. But I don’t know how I achieved my goal in this company, but it is really the best decision I made.

Martin Luther King Jr said that there is only one thing that you can do in life and that is to be happy. I know what I am saying is true because I have experienced it in my own life, and the feeling of being happy is something that cannot be described in any language.

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have, and you will always find enough to do and enough people to help.” -Theodore Roosevelt

This quote has inspired me to work hard and to have faith in myself and in my abilities. When you work hard and with a good attitude you will succeed and you will get positive results. This is what I have learned from this quote and I have used this to my advantage and now I am proud of myself.


These are some of the best inspirational quotes by famous personalities. I hope you will enjoy reading them and will make the entire world to see that it is possible to achieve your dream with hard work.


Yes, you can quote any famous person, but that quote will become your motive for living only if that person is your mentor and will guide you towards achieving your dream.

For example, if you want to be a successful person, you can take up the words of a great leader like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. But, if you don’t have a mentor or a guiding force, you will not be able to achieve your goal.


If you really want to achieve your goals, then you need a mentor. If you are a student and you want to get good grades then you need to go for a good teacher who will inspire you and will make you achieve your goal.

Myth No. 3: Successful People Are Those Who Are Born Rich

I’m sure you have heard this myth before, but let me clear it once again. Successful people are not those who are born rich but they are those who work hard and make efforts to get success.

The most important thing is that you must believe in yourself. If you are self-confident, you will never get disappointed. If you are confident, then even if you are the poorest person in the world, you will still achieve your dream.


If you have the belief that you can achieve anything, then you can. And for this you need to work hard.

Myth No. 4: You Have to Be a Perfect Person to Get Success

Sometimes people get attracted to the word perfection, and think that if you are perfect then you will definitely get success.

In reality, there are plenty of people who are highly qualified, yet, their career didn’t work out because they were not perfect enough. So, a successful person is not someone who is perfect, it is someone who knows how to control himself.


If you try to be a perfect person, you will only end up with failure. You will become frustrated and tired out. You will never get success by giving your 100% dedication and hard work.

Myth No. 5: You Will Get a Success by Following the Path of Others

This is the most popular myth about motivational quotes. People think that they will be able to achieve their goals by following the footsteps of some other people. This may be true sometimes but there are plenty of people who never follow the footsteps of others but

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