The Top 5 Personal Blogging Strategies for Competitive Analysis

Are you struggling to grow your blog or you don’t know how to generate more traffic? If yes, then there are some great tips that will help you to grow your blog. Here are the top 5 ways for you to do this.

How To Write Best Quality Content For Blogging

The Internet is full of bloggers who are writing a lot of articles in their blog. Writing an article for a blog is a tedious task but if you have the right knowledge of the topic, then you can easily write quality content. It is necessary for you to create unique and informative content for your blog. Here are some tips that will help you to write better content.

Doing keyword research

Doing keyword research is one of the first steps of content creation. You need to do extensive research in order to write the best article. It will be a great idea to use a software like Google Adwords and do a comprehensive research. It will be a good idea to do a thorough research on the keywords that will bring more traffic to your blog.

10 Best Ways To Get Famous And Make Money With Blogging

If you are interested in becoming famous then blogging is one of the best and best ways to do so. We may not have a good job in our life, but with the help of the best blogs, we can easily make money.

You can earn money from anywhere in the world just by writing your thoughts. Here are some ways that will make you famous.

Blog on something that interests you

We all like to talk about some topics in our life, but sometimes it can become annoying. So, don’t do that by writing something that you think is interesting. Your article will be highly popular when it is written according to your interest.

Make your content unique

If you have a blog then the main focus is to attract the readers. But don’t make your blog unique only. Your unique blog is an advantage that no other person has. So, try to make your content unique and write on something that is not yet available on the internet.

Use some SEO practices

Search engine optimization is a great method to increase the traffic on your website. Many people use it on their websites to reach more people. If you use the SEO strategies then you can easily make your blog one of the most popular one.

Improve your writing skills

Writing is an art. If you have a blog then you can easily make money by improving your writing skills. When you will learn to write then your article will be more interesting and informative.

Write about the most successful people

If you are trying to make money then the first thing that you have to do is to write something interesting. If you write something that will be popular then your chances to make money are more.

You will find people talking about the success of some people and the most important thing is that they did it in their own way. So, you need to find such people and write about them.

Write something controversial

Some people like to read only the most inspiring content, but there are others who like to read something controversial. You need to write something that will attract the attention of your reader.

Be creative

People like to read stories and the main thing is that it needs to be written creatively. So, the more creative your content will be, the more readers will come.

Write on something that you know a lot

If you write something that you don’t know then people will not read it. But if you write something that you know very well and that’s why they will surely like it.


The above-mentioned tips will help you to know what you can write on your blog to make it successful. I know that it may be difficult to make a blog but we all can try to make it.


It is essential to have a clear understanding of what you want to write about. You need to know what you want to share with your readers and what topics you will prefer to cover. You need to know what kind of readers you want to attract. It is important for you to choose what type of article you want to write and what content you will include in your article. It will also be a good idea to understand the niche that you are writing for.

Focus on your reader

If you are writing for a specific group of readers, then it is a good idea to write the same. Your readers will love to read the articles that are relevant to them and they will feel happy to share the same article with their friends. It is important to understand what your readers want to know. You can’t simply write something for the sake of writing. You need to write for the purpose of helping your readers.

Read what others write

It is not a good idea to copy other articles and make them into your own. You need to create original content which will keep your readers interested. Try to find out what are the topics that are trending now. You can either go with the trends or you can write about a topic which has a lot of demand.


I hope that these tips will help you to write the best content for your blog. If you are a new blogger, then it will be a good idea for you to learn these tips to keep your blog alive and generate lots of traffic.


As much as you want to grow your blog, you need to write content that will drive more traffic towards your blog. When writing content, don’t just copy-paste things, it will not drive more traffic and people won’t read the content if it looks like a copy of another blogger. Always try to add value to the audience by giving something that is new and informative.

Optimize your content

Writing is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic towards your blog, but there is a second part of the equation which is optimization. Optimization is a crucial part of SEO, it will help you to rank higher and more easily found in search engines.

Add social media sharing buttons

Social media sharing is one of the most popular tools used by bloggers to drive traffic. So, when writing your content, add social media sharing buttons. It will help you to grow your blog fast and people will share your content across social platforms.

Do guest posting

Another way to drive traffic is through guest posting. People use guest posting as a strategy to drive traffic to their site and to grow their blogs. If you are a guest writer, it will help you to increase your brand image. When writing, make sure that your content is worth sharing and will benefit the reader.

Post frequently

Posting once a week is enough to keep your audience engaged, but if you are posting once a day then it will be very hard to keep your audience engaged. So, posting daily will help you to keep your readers interested.


So these are some of the top ways that will help you to gain more traffic and drive your blog to the next level. These ways are really helpful and they will help you to grow your blog faster. Try these strategies and see the results.

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